During the Fall of 2001 Brevard Community College put a new program into effect. This program, called the Aerospace Technology Program, would be a two year degree program in which all graduating students would have the skills necessary to enter the aerospace work force with entry-level skills.

In January of 2002, the second class of students registered in this program began their studies. Each member of this class was an undeniable space buff, and each student wanted to give this class an unmistakable identity.

Because the Gemini Program was the second program in NASA’s manned space program, and this group of students, being the second group of students to go though this new program, they thought it would be fitting to call themselvesĀ The Gemini Class.


The Gemini Class would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Al Koller for providing us with not only server space for our web site, but for the invaluable knowledge in which all of us have gained as a result of his foresight and dedication. We would also like to thank Juanita Curtis for helping us all when we needed it and helping us all to reach our potential. The Gemini Class would like to dedicate this site to the two of them.