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H2M Panel

  1. I was on the panel for the first Earth screening of “I Want to be an Astronaut” at the recent Human to Mars Event. The video can be found here:

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  • Gregory Cecil has been a space enthusiast since he first watched Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon when he was nearly six years old.

  • After a 22 year medical career, Greg returned to school at the young age of 40 and obtained his A.S. degree in Aerospace Technology from Brevard Community College as a member of the Gemini Class.

  • Three months after graduation, Greg was hired by United Space Museum ArtifactAlliance to work on the thermal protection system for the Space Shuttle Fleet as a Senior Aerocomposite Technician.

  • During his 5 ½ years at Kennedy Space Center, Greg obtained three more degrees, including his Masters in Aeronautical Science: Space Operations Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

During his time at Kennedy Space Center, Greg:

  • Partnered with the NASA Biomed division and conducted a study on the feasibility of using the Crew Physiology Observation Device (a high tech monitoring system developed for the astronauts) for other tasks and personnel at Kennedy Space Center.

  • Was one of the first 100 people to obtain the National Certified Aerospace Technician offered through SpaceTec. (

  • Was one of 75 scientists, engineers, and technicians selected to participate in a month long class on Microgravity culminating in a flight on ZeroG.

  • Wrote an article for The Space Review detailing his experiences on ZeroG.

  • Has assisted in conducting NASA VIP tours and doing presentations to those VIPs on the thermal protection system.

  • Wrote and enacted a new procedure for kitting carrier panels for flight.

Greg has kept active in space related issues even after his aerospace career ended in 2009 with the end of the Space Shuttle Program:

  • After the end of the Shuttle program, Greg traveled the nation with his wife Linda and cat, Commander Merlin, in their RV for a year and a half.

  • During his travels, Greg spoke at several schools and at the opening of the Challenger Center in Olean New York describing what it was like to work on the Space Shuttle. Greg ended up having over 20 speaking engagements during his travels and continues to speak at various schools and museums.

  • Upon return to Florida, Greg became a Florida State Certified Educator and currently teaches science in St. Petersburg Florida.

  • Greg owns his own company called AeroSTEM Consulting. Greg provides Aerospace STEM consulting for schools and companies, conducts workshops for STEM teachers, and gives presentations on subjects related to STEM and Human Space Flight. Building off of his experience and education in the space industry, Greg is able to draw connections between industry and academia.

  • Greg is the only Florida State Certified Educator AND Nationally Certified Aerospace Technician in the nation.

  • Greg owned and operated the former blog, dealing with Human Space Flight issues.

  • Greg served as an Aerospace Education Consultant for SpaceTEC, an Teaching 2organization that trains aerospace technicians nationwide, assisting in composing a National Certification Exam for Composites, and wrote a blog for them.

  • Greg served as a member of former Congresswoman Sandy Adam’s Space Advisory Committee.

  • Greg has been interviewed on various media outlets about Human Space Flight including 60 minutes, Smithsonian Air and Space magazine, Weekly Reader/Career World, The Space Show, USA, etc.

  • Greg has escorted his students to Kennedy Space Center culminating in a sleep over under Space Shuttle Atlantis. There, to his student’s delight, they found a picture of him taken by Michael Soluri and part of the Atlantis exhibit.

  • Teaching 1For two years running, Greg has had his students send their self-designed experiments to the “edge of space” via high altitude balloon courtesy of JP Aerospace. This year a total of 16 experiments were sent up.

  • Greg has served as a consultant and appeared in the movie, “I Want to be an Astronaut,” and appeared on the panel for the first Earth based screening at the Human to Mars Event, moderated by science reporter Miles O’Brien.


  • Greg currently resides in Clearwater Florida with his wife, Linda, and their cat Commander Merlin of RV-103 fame.

  • Greg attends Grace Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg Florida.

Greg’s full profile can be found on LinkedIn under Gregory N. Cecil, M.A.S.